Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing your day

What sort of coverage do you offer?

All of our packages include full day coverage. This means we'll be with you all day from start to finish (for a maximum of 12 hours).

Typically, we generally start with the groom's and bride's house (for getting ready shots), followed by the ceremony venue, a bridal photoshoot, and finally your reception venue up until your grand exit.

We believe there’s only one way to capture your wedding properly – to be there by your side from start to finish – prep to grand exit, sparkler tunnel, fireworks, you name it! We don't like forcing you to pick between packages based on time constraints. Instead we’ll happily cover it all (within reason of course).

We're open to extending past 12hrs on request only – just so we don't overwork our shooters!

We've never been in front of a camera before and we've no idea what to do.

That’s totally okay and perfectly normal! I’m here to walk you through everything and will do my best to ensure you're comfortable behind the lens. Video is all about movement, so rest assured I'll be there to direct and guide you through everything. I also like to use a mixture of the environment and prompts to bring out the best version of yourself.

If you've also booked another photographer or other creative – amazing! I love working with and bouncing ideas off other creatives.

We want candid, not directed. Do you direct?

Everyone directs in some capacity, but it's how it's done that makes the difference.

We prefer to use environmental cues and prompts rather than rigid poses, as often these are the ones that look the most comfortable in your wedding photos. And of coruse, if you have any ideas on the day we're always open to listening.

Our filming style is more 'as it happened' / in the moment rather than staged poses or acted scenes. Wedding films should feel natural and comfortable and sometimes the best way for us to do this is to simply capture the moment as you experience it.

Do you use a shot list?

We prefer wedding films to feel natural and comfortable and so would rather capture things in the moment and as they happen – sticking to a shot list is a little too rigid for our tastes. We do, however, have a shot list that we look over during the planning stages so we can keep a general idea of how things play out in the back of our mind and ensure we get all the shots we need to capture to tell the story of your wedding day and you as a couple.

Long story short, we do have a list of things we need to capture – first kiss, aisle walk, first dance, etc – but won't be working strictly by-the-book off it on your wedding day so that your wedding film feels more organic and natural.

Film Style & Editing

What's your cinematic style?


Our filming style is a natural blend of non-obtrusive, candid, professional and most of all FUN! Wedding films should feel natural and comfortable, and the best way for us to do this is to capture things in the moment and as they happen.

And when we feel we’ve got an unmissable shot on our hands, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be there to guide you through our filmmaking process and walk you through every step of the way – always with a friendly attitude and a smile.


Editing is where the magic comes together.

Our editing style effortlessly blends together immersive storytelling and meticulously crafted rhythm and pacing. Bright, vibrant and warm tones are essential for all of our wedding films, as is the emotional touch that makes those raw moments so unforgettable.

Have a look around – you’ll get a feel for our style in no time and won’t be able to look away!

What if we already have a song in mind that we love and would really like to be used for our wedding film?

Yes, you certainly can! We will, however, need to ensure it fits the vibe of your film.

Just be aware that if your song is commercial / popular, you may run into some issues with being able to share it online and across social media.

Our team

Where are you based? Do you travel?

We're from Cronulla in Sydney, Australia.

We're ALWAYS willing to travel for you though, so please don't be afraid to reach out even if we're quite some distance away! We'll travel Australia-wide and world-wide in a heartbeat for you.

In fact, destination weddings are an absolute vibe and we'd love to join you!

Do your packages include a second shooter?

Both our packages – photography and videography – include a primary shooter.

We're more than capable of flying solo, however, we do recommend asking us about including a secondary shooter to your package. It's especially helpful with moments where one person can't be in two places at once and ensures comprehensive coverage throughout the day. There's also more good vibes to go around (and it's often slightly less stressful for us!)

Wedding planning

Can we meet before our wedding day?

Of course we can. In fact, I'll highly encourage it! Once booked, you'll have an unlimited number of coffee / tea / brunch dates, phone calls or video calls at your fingertips. This way, when the camera's rolling we're all comfortable with each other and you'll look great on film!

We've already booked a photographer. Do you play well with other creatives?

Amazing - of course! We love working with other creatives! Our approach to your photography and videography is fairly similar to other creatives, so we're sure there won't be any issues at all.

What if we have last minute changes to our schedules or dates?

That's totally okay! We're more than happy to postpone at no extra cost in most circumstances. But please let us know as soon as possible.

Packages and Payment Plans

We've having trouble deciding on a package. What's the difference?

Our packages are split between videography and photography to make it simpler easy for you to understand.

We used to offer all-inclusive packages and offer different tiers – but we found this far too complex and difficult to understand, especially when many couples are looking to mix-and-match add-ons and extras across the different tiers.

Instead, we offer two packages – one for videography, and one for photography (and a discount if you'd like both together!). This way, you get everything we think is absolutely essential and can decide on everything else in the lead-up to your wedding day.

As part of our Cinema package you'll receive both a Creative Feature Film and Full Day Film, with the option to add-on Social Media Edits and other extras

We've designed these to offer a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity, but if you have any other questions please reach out!

The packages are a little out of our budget. Is there anything we can do?

Our packages are priced on the long-term value and high standard of production quality we set for ourselves throughout the entire process. This ensures that when it comes time to show you the final film, we're both equally happy and proud of the result. To uphold this high standard of excellence, we don't like to cut corners at any stage of production.

Yes, other wedding vendors may be able to offer a cheaper price – but we feel that this is most often at the expense of quality and reliability.

Do you offer payment plans? Will there be a retainer due?

Payment processing occurs entirely online through our Couples Portal. We take both online payments (fees may apply) and EFT.

We require a 50% non-refundable retainer to secure the date for you and the final 50% is due 14 days prior to your wedding day.

Payment plans are also available on request – just give us a shout!

How much does a wedding film cost?

We offer two packages – one for videography, and one for photography (and a discount if you'd like both together!). Please click the link to view our pricing information for wedding videography and photography.

We've designed these to offer a perfect balance between flexibility and simplicity, but if you have any questions please reach out!


Do you provide RAW footage?

Ask any photographer and you'll find this tends to be a bit of a controversial point among them. One of the more common arguments is that if you hired a baker to deliver the best wedding cake in town, would you expect them to deliver a tray full of ingredients?

Our general stance is that RAW photos are unfinished work and delivering these files would not be up to our standard of excellence.

We do, however, offer RAW footage for our Cinema Packages only as an optional extra as we understand that many couples simply want to playback the footage in their own time. Be warned though – there is often in excess of 7hrs of footage (can reach 200GB+ or up to 1TB if we're filming in 4K!)

How will the films be delivered?

All your wedding films and photos will be delivered via online gallery, available for you to download for up to 6 months following your wedding day.

Generally, your films will be delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding date – however please be aware this depends on the amount and type of footage we captured, the season, and the volume of other couple’s bookings.

We'd prefer to give your wedding films the attention they deserve to preserve their quality rather than simply rushing them out.